Anna Hajare corruption - meaning of Justice P.B. Sawant Commission report

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Anna Hazare corruption - Justice P.B. Swant report

The Congress Party says Justice Sawant commission report, published on Feb. 22, 2005, finds Anna Hazare, his various trusts and trustees guilty of corruption, maladministration and criminal acts.

Complaint of Congress Party to PMO (extracts from letter dt 19.04.2011 of M.P. Manish Tewari to PM obtained in RTI by Subhash Chandra Agrawal)

The Maharashtra government had appointed the Justice P.B. Sawant Commission of Inquiry on the 11th of September, 2003. The Commission among others enquired into allegations of corruption against Shri Anna Hajare.

The Commission found Shri Anna Hajare guilty of corrupt practices and maladministration.

It would be appropriate to point out that the salient findings of Commission of Inquiry with regard to Shri Anna Hajare.

Hind Swaraj Trust
The expenditure of Rs. 2.20 lacs from the funds of the Hind Swaraj Trust for the birthday celebrations of Shri Hajare was clearly illegal and amounted to a corrupt practice.

Bhrashtachar Virodhi Jan Andolan Trust
(xxii) Some of the workers in the Andolan were abusing the platform of the Andolan for anti-social activities, such as extortion of money, blackmailing, grabbing the properties of others, harassment, goondaism, corruption etc. Although Shri Hajare denied that some of them were his workers, he could not deny that the others at least were his own workers. These acts on their part were clearly criminal.

When the complaints were made against some of them, Shri Hajare did not care to investigate them, and when he did inquire into some of them, he only had his own workers without calling the complainants for the inquiry. This was unjust and irregular and amounted to patent maladministration of the andolan. It only shows that he did not take care to keep control over the anti-social forces, which his Andolan had released.

It does raise the obvious question that how can a man who has been indicted for corruption by Commission of Inquiry headed by a retired Judge of the Supreme Court serve on a panel which has been tasked with the responsibility of drafting an anti-corruption law ?

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